Chino Hills emerges victorious in matchup against Pleasant Grove, 106-93

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Chino Hills


Pleasant Grove
2079 Cheers

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Guest Good lord, how tall is #44

Guest Chino will beat Sierra Canyon. book it

Guest Whoooo that is a fire take


D A Yeeehaw

Guest I don't think Lamelo's going to be able to check Remy Martin

Guest ... cuz he's not 21 yet

Guest Remy is the most overrated guard in the USA

Guest damn 44 gotta be 7'2

Guest melo ball=god

Guest Disagree, Remy was legit at Tark. look up sierra canyon on baller

Guest he was lighting up vegas centennial

Guest Centennial gonna go winless in a tournament out here in LA

Guest is pleasant grove D1?

Guest I see Sierra Canyon all the time. They too soft for Chino

Guest 44 is yao ming just white

Guest 2nd qtr?

Guest 1st

Guest now 2nd

Guest 1 for chino 2 for PG

Guest 1

Guest cheer for chino

Guest 1 for PG


Quentin Hank Chino too good

Guest I predict big O dunks on giant dude for Utah before the game ends.


D A Some ugggggly uniforms!!!

Denise Ashworth Agreed

Guest disagree


Quentin Hank The numbers should be white


D A They get those at Deseret Industries?

Guest Utah has low key decent high school basketball

Denise Ashworth Lone peak could compete with chino

Guest sloppy basketball

Guest kid missed a dunk and he is tall

Guest Lone Peak shoots, but Chino would wear them out. Probably lose by 20+


Bikl Walls How old is big guy from Utah

Guest How tall is #44?

Guest class of 2019

Guest 7'0

Guest 7'5"

Denise Ashworth 21

Guest He's 7'5"

Guest 44 is 7'3


Guest Melo is the most entertaining player in the country. Collin Sexton a close secone

Guest second


Bikl Walls Please stop cheering..can't see game

Guest his free throw is so fluid


D A Laziest defense ever!!

Guest agreed

Denise Ashworth Why waste energy on defense


D A Another kid who would sit the bench on any team with work ethic

Guest Wish CHHS would play some defence

Guest Chino has won 50 straight and you dudes are complaining about their Defense... LMAO

Guest melo barely comes back for defense lol

Guest YES. They need to get prepared for the next level.

Guest gelo looks terrible

Guest Seems like Lonzo Ball is doing just fine at the next level... Good try though


Quentin Hank They ain't gonna change their game

Guest lonzo is a great defender


Quentin Hank Yeah Steve won't change their game

Guest he defended at the hs level, the younger brothers dont


Quentin Hank If it ain't broke don't fix it

Guest gotta make that

Guest nice camera work Johnny G!

Guest I think Lonzo is a great player, but his defense still needs some work.

Guest gonna be the number 1 overall pick. Some NBA GMs disagree with you.


Quentin Hank He played great defense last night on Dillion brooks game winner

Guest lonzo needs works on free throws lol

Guest he missed a lot so far at ucla

Guest Why on earth doesnt Utah slow it down and try to get Chino out of their game plan? Terrible coaching.

Guest If CHHS played a litter tighter om defense they would win more like they did last year. They miss Lonzo in that respect.

Guest Where's Lavar?

Guest Is this adam

Guest They are undefeated this year.. WHat are you talking about?

Guest what happened


Quentin Hank Please keep streaming after half

Guest will it start again after half?

Guest Last year they avg wining by more than 20 points a game. This year they've been lucky to stay undefeated, barely winning a couple of games.

Guest L simpson: most underrated player in the mission league

Guest barely winning? what on earth are you talking about ???

Guest They have played a very good schedule and are rolling

Guest they barely beat lb poly

Guest only beat clark by 4

Guest trailed most of the guy against roosevelt

Guest game

Guest Poly wasnt as close as score indicates. Roosevelt is a really good team with 2 GREAT players. Yall need to relax

Guest you must be lavar lol jk

Guest Hello

Guest this dude would complain that his new ferarri was the wrong color. lol

Guest why are we cheering

Guest is it working?

Guest 44 is 7'3

Guest working, try refreshing page

Guest refresh browser

Guest if it doesn't work

Guest can also see on kpgr 881 but not as good as this one

Guest youtube

Guest what's kpgr 881 ?

Guest go to youtube and lookup kpgr it is PGHS broadcast

Guest kpgr 881 then you will see the game live

Guest cool, two views!


Guest can we get a replay Johnny G

Guest wow, quality is terrible!!! but still cool

Guest at least its something

Guest How old is #44?

Guest Where is big o

Guest 44 will be a factor before his career is over.

Guest 5:40 left in the 3rd quarter

Guest Not sure why big O is out

Guest 44 is a sophmore

Guest I would offer 44 right now. He will be a player someday. Very young and weak now, but good potential.

Guest I have seen Chino play a million times. I can honestly say I have no clue who the white kid is

Guest 3:37 left in the 3rd

Guest Eli Scott is the most underrated player in the country

Guest 2:36 left in the 3rd

Guest How clueless must Pleasant Groves coach be to try to run with Chino? Horrible job of coaching on his part.

Tom Kiss Yes they should just run the unc 4 corners O

Guest video stop?

Guest Is the game over?

Guest refresh screen

Guest Got it. Thank you!

Guest is lavar there

Tom Kiss No he's in ore


Quentin Hank He's there


Quentin Hank He was there yesterday also

Guest is tall kid for utah is terrible


Quentin Hank Lavar is in the front row but on the side the camera is on

Guest This some wild basketball

Guest 3 pt contest all over again

Guest this kiwakia has got like 15 points in the last minute


Quentin Hank That kid has hit like 10 threes

Guest quarter?

Guest lol dude just asked what quarter it is... in a 99/81 game

Guest lmao

Guest dude so funny

Guest how much time left

Guest 2 minutes

Guest I'm surprised that Pleasant Grove seems to still have some steam after all this running back and forth

Guest Assuming CH wins, whom will they play next?

Tom Kiss All the lakers

Guest What's the record for combined 3-point shots in a HS game?

Guest Thanks for streaming this. You do a great job!!

Guest thx Johnny G

Guest great job Johnny G.!

Guest Johnny G for greatest!

Guest Thanks Johnny G!


Quentin Hank Yeah really appreciate the stream Johnny hope you stream the championship also

Guest Yes... thanks very much for the stream!

Denise Ashworth Thanks johnny G

Guest 56 seconds

Guest thanks for the broadcast!

Guest championship tomorrow?

Guest Will you be streaming the championship game tomorrow?

Guest will you stream it johnny?


A W Good looking on the broadcast

Guest yea! thanks

Guest they might catch up

Guest Johnny G will be back tomorrow!

Guest Cool

Guest nope didn't catch up

Guest is this thing still on!?!

Guest how many points did kiwakia have??

Guest He is also doing the next game: Sheldon v Crossroads

Guest how'd he get permission to stream?

Guest thought you couldn't stream in cali?

Guest Link to Sheldon vs Crossroad game:

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Chino Hills



Pleasant Grove

Johnny Garcia

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