Full Replay: Mater Dei defeats Damien, 82-63

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Guest hi

Guest hey

Guest DHS


Guest lets go monarchs

Guest f monarchs

Guest XD

Guest .Spartan Pride!!

Guest When does the game start?

Guest haters gonna hate

Guest should be a good game

Guest is there a foothills Christian steam?

Guest :)

Guest damien is surprising ppl

Guest is this game gonna start or what

Guest The pit is going to be nuts tonight

Guest These niggas ****

Guest Spartans all the way!!!

Guest go collin!

Guest lets go WONGGGGG

Guest these look like some soft rims

Guest Where is the stream? Is not working

Guest lets go

Guest No video

Guest refrsh page

Guest MD gon win

Guest Hard to come back if down 17

Guest Time left?

Guest i wonder if chino hills is the only team that can beat mater dei

Guest what about sierra canyon?

Guest olu will get MD this year

Guest sueing looks lackadaisical at times

Guest Thanks for showing the time

Guest thanks for showing collin!

Guest are there lots of coaches there today?

Guest great job Collin!

Guest Thanks, Collin.


S Gomez hi






Mater Dei





Mater Dei