Dylan to shake it off after latest loss, 15-12

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Chan Koh Got'em

Chan Koh He's wet

Guest Red kicks is just making it rain

Chan Koh defense?

Chan Koh yes

Guest Wassup J.

Guest Thief!!

Guest Call your own fouls or what

Chan Koh don't reach young blood

Guest Silllllk

Guest skills to pay the bills

Guest J. wants his revenge

Guest all day

Chan Koh oh myy

Guest whoooooo

Chan Koh he has a family

Guest oh my god

Guest wowwwww

Guest oh man

Chan Koh not again

Guest get a body in front J

Chan Koh #anotherOne

Guest Team Dylan man

Guest he can take it to the rack

Guest Does streamer have game?

Chan Koh 20 on J

Chan Koh come on J

Chan Koh dat lucky bounce :)

Chan Koh here we gooo

Guest cash

Guest down to the wire

Chan Koh 20 bucks

Guest He called game

Chan Koh babyyyy

Chan Koh gg

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Dylan Reckart

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