Cibola wins 55-43 over Lowry

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Guest Come on Cibola... Let's win one for the road.... the drive home will be sweeter and shorter, if you win this last game... GO CIBOLA !

Guest Thanks for the live broadcast... you're doing a great job of panning and staying with the action.... Nice !

Guest Yes you guys can win

Guest Keep trying don't stop

Guest Hello Mr Sanchez....

Guest Go Raiders Go!

Guest Go BUCKS!

Guest Let's GO CIBOLA

Guest Let's GO CIBOLA...

Guest Let's Go David S., David C., Ivan, CJ, Christian, Sam, Marcos, Glen, Ryan, Levi, Robert You guys can play basketball and win this one.

Guest Go Ivan!

Guest Yeah Ryan!


Glenda Curtis Good shoot Ryan

Guest Keep trying David don't give up

Guest Yeah Son!

Guest Go David

Guest Come on Lowry. Lets go

Guest Go bucks

Guest Way to go Cibola..... half way there....


Katie Nielsen Yay cibola

Guest Thanks again to Desert Oasis HS for streaming live these games and the great work of not only panning with the action but also of archiving the games, so parents can watch them at a more convenient time.... A Sincere thanks to your school and staff !!! Cibola Parents

Guest You can do it Bucks

Guest That's it Cibola...

Guest Good job Ryan

Guest Ivan is on fire !!

Guest I lost connection

Guest Way to go Raiders

Guest That's it coach... isolate Ivan, so he set the hoop on fire.... swoosh !!!

Guest come on Cibola don't stop right there

Guest Good job Cibola... Safe trip home!

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