Sheldon getting it done in win over Crossroads, 51-40

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Guest So lets see who gets to play Chino Hills tomorrow!

Guest My bet is on Crossroads on this one

Guest is shaq there?

Guest the video went away!

Guest try refreshing if you have an issue

Guest either one of these teams gonna lose by 30 tomorrow

Guest I was thinking the same thing. Chino Hills would have what like 14 points by now?

Guest the only way crossroads will have a shot tomorrow (assuming they win tonight) is if they left shaq o'neal play (his kid plays on crossroads)

Guest let*

Guest agreed

Guest that would be interesting

Guest what number is Shaq's boy?

Guest gelo vs shaq lol

Guest 23

Guest shareef oneal

Guest did anyone see Steph Curry commenting on LeMelo's half court shot?

Guest Curry on LeMelo...

Guest Johnny G... you don't have to pan your camera as much now as the last game... huh?

Guest yeah, this is way easier :)

Guest wow I really thought Crossroads had a better shot. They've come out slow

Guest is shareef playing?

Guest wow the crowd has really thinned out. No respect

Guest I was at the Honda Center last season and saw Chino Hills beat Sierra Canyon. Friggin 22,000 people there. Crazy

Guest Sheldon will win this game and i seriously doubt they will lose by 30 tomorrow. i think you would have quite a few takers on giving 30 points were you an oddsmaker.

Guest how about they loose by 20

Guest ?

Guest i guess we will see.

Guest there has only been 2 points scored by each team so far this quarter!

Guest 6 total now

Guest is shareef playing?

Guest I'm thinking either of these teams would have major trouble tomorrow

Guest No reef

Guest broken finger

Guest crossroads has gotten by on crazy defense and slowing down the pace

Guest they gonna have to score faster tomorrow and that is going to cause them major problems


Mark Hargrove Yep that's true about scoring tomboy

Guest wow... between the these two teams they only scored a combined 5 points this quarter!?!?

Guest yeah crossroads would get totally smoked by chino hills


Mark Hargrove *Tomorrow

Guest sheldon on the other hand

Guest i got to see the duplechan twins live

Guest those kids are crazy

Guest they might give the ball boys a run

Guest Sheldon isn't scoring enough either to beat Chino Hills I don't think

Guest well, not right now

Guest but crossroads is controlling pace

Guest Well, right now the game half over dude!

Guest Is Crossroads defense that much better than Chino Hills?

Guest but if you let the duplechan twins loose and don't play transition d

Guest did you just use the word "defense" in association with chino hills

Guest could get interesting

Guest crossroads is just playing a tight zone and controlling the pace. Sheldon not having a great shooting night. Sheldons game is suited for up tempo.

Guest Has Sheldon played against as tough teams as Chino Hills ?

Guest Well Chino Hills will give them up tempo... that's for sure

Guest Sheldon just won the Las Vegas classic. I think some pretty good competiton there

Guest I thought Chino Hills won a tournament in Vegas before Christmas. Same tournament but different division?

Guest im not sure. it was the Tarkanian classic and I am just going by max preps. It looks like they beat lone peak to win it.

Guest I cant believe this game is on pace to be 40 - 20!

Guest Chino Hills took the championship of Tarkanian. Maybe Sheldon took a lower division titile

Guest Chino Hills beat Mater Dei for the championship

Guest I think Chino Hills won the Platinum Division at Tarkanian

Guest Johnny G... You ODing on basketball yet?

Guest Here comes Crossroads!

Guest must be a different division. i just started following basketball out here after moving from Louisiana awhile back. I live in sacramento area and went to first game sheldon played this year.

Guest We follow Chino Hills pretty closely. Both our sons graduated from Chino Hills. Our second son shared the stage with Lonzo at graduation because our last name is alphabetically so close to Ball. Ours starts with BAN

Guest Weve already been to 4 UCLA games this year as well

Guest how are the bruins doing? i"m still a football guy at heart and wont start following college basketball until after bowls are done.

Guest this game putting Johnny to sleep I think

Guest Johnny... I was wondering if CIF shut Baller.TV down somehow the other night?

Guest I don't see how either of these teams could beat Chino Hills

Guest Scoring in this half appears to be slower than the first half

Guest Is that Lavar Ball with the red hat in the front row on the side with the camera?

Guest None of this is going to cut it tomorrow night!

Guest I'm guessing tomorrow night will be Chino Hills 107 - Sheldon 66

Guest I think it'll be closer than that

Guest Chino Hills might lose man

Guest pace dictates the point totals

Guest chino hills offense can be concept mapped

Guest 1. lamelo shoots ball from anywhere beyond opposing ft line

Guest could be. But I think Chino Hills going to wear these guys out and pull away in the third quarter big time

Guest 2. lamelo throws 30-foot baseball pass to liangelo, who booty bumps and takes a jumper or skates in for bucket

Guest 3. 1 or 2 misses and eli scott or okongwu grab the o-board and putback

Guest repeat

Guest until score is > 100

Guest that's pretty much the plan every game

Guest sprinkle in a lob to andre ball every now and then

Guest ha right

Guest Is Sheldon going to be able to defend all that?

Guest i think if it's a track meet lamelo might shoot them out of it

Guest sheldon is good man. don't count them out

Guest same thing happened against poly, liangelo had to bail them out with the game winner

Guest lamelo was chucking like a fool

Guest that was a close game

Guest yeah but didn't have to be that close if they played an actual half court set

Guest lb poly saw all that cherry picking nonsense coming

Guest they played them tough and melo did everything he could to lose the game with his shot selection/bricklaying

Guest If I remember correctly it was LiAngelo that pulled off that LB Poly game in the end

Guest Crossroads just couldn't get closer than arms length in this game

Guest Best of luck to Sheldon tomorrow

Guest Thanks again Johnny G

Guest thanks Johnny!!

Guest What time is the game tomorrow?

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