Full Replay: Chaparral with a win over Seton Catholic, 58-51

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Guest Score is backwards

Guest Chap is red

Guest hey

Guest video??!!!!

Guest video will be up in a bit

Guest video? npt working

Guest where is the video?

Guest video

Guest Video ?

Guest hello

Guest video??

Guest whats up

Guest hello

Guest are u kidding me

Chris Holton It's Seton not senton

Guest Video is up

Guest wth

Guest sound no video

Guest OMG!!!

Guest How's the game been going?

Guest What is wrong with this video???


Chris Shelton No picture

Guest ???


Tim Babbitt Lame

Guest Seriously???

Guest just took some dramamine so I dont get too dizzy with motion sickness. Now, the video is lagging. aye aye aye


Tim Babbitt Anyone know the score?

Guest whats gpoin on

Guest hello

Guest fix this


Tim Babbitt Injury

Guest fix this

Guest please fix

Guest this is bad

Guest fix

Guest OMG!!!!!!!!!

Guest fix

Guest I give up...

Guest just took some dramamine so i dont get motion sickness. Now I just need something to settle my nerves

Guest please

Guest fix

Guest This is REALLY bad....

Guest I see the score 45-37 to Chaparral


Tim Babbitt Who you rooting for?

Chris Holton Can't watch this anymore, this app is terrible!

Guest WHERE IS THE VIDEO???????????????????

Guest and in other news, a man from chandler arizona took a hammer to his computer

Guest OK....I know this is free...but really??

Guest Hey..we have video...let's hope it lasts longer than 10 seconds this time.


Johnny Ma is this stream going to work for the next game?






Seton Catholic





Seton Catholic