Full Replay: Chino Hills getting it done in win over Bishop O'Dowd, 87-77

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Guest Bruh

Guest Did the stream pause for you guys to?

Guest bruhhhh

Guest we got a lot of people in here

Guest aye 2Frankz in here

Guest bod all the way

Guest ayee franklin its ad lmao

Guest aye whats good ad

Guest man just hoping they beat chino lmao

Guest 10000 hours u there man?

Guest What's capital Christ lookin like

Julio Ortega Great game!

Julio Ortega WCE25

Guest BOD representing NoCal nicely so far!

Guest BOD been reppin nicely for the Bay.. It’s what we do

Guest game paused

Guest back up


Freddie Barrow 2 elijah my boy

Guest Odowd is gonna clap

Guest thanks for showing the time left

Julio Ortega Why are they playing halves not quarters?

Guest it varies per state

Julio Ortega Thanks

Guest same with shotclock as well, in California they have a shotclock but not in nevada

Guest not with melo pulling up and airballing from halfcourt lmao

Guest lol

Guest melo cant shoot over his head lol

Guest Ok LIJH!!

Julio Ortega 3's are better than 2's

Julio Ortega Is Lonzo at the game?

Guest yeah Lijh


Dana Barfield Let's go Dragons!!!

Guest lamelo has an ugly shot

Guest California Open Division State Championship matchup preview ???

Guest socal>norcal


rasean mitchell Chino is beast

Guest norcal>socal

Guest best hoopers from socal boy know dat

Guest false

Guest yay

Guest Socal gave us Tyga.... Automatic L... Life Long L

Guest Hella

Guest is this the 4th or 3rd?

Guest 2nd half

Guest 2nd

Guest oh alright thanks

Guest chino hills hella weak and thats on mamas

Guest chino didnt win odowd lost on those turnovers and free throws

Guest odowd was close the whole game almost ended chino's streak man

Guest this town bidnizzz

Guest yay

Guest thanks for broadcasting Collin!


Ron Alfieri when does the entire game get posted?

Guest we'll see them again in state

Guest odowd coaches lost this game!


Ron Alfieri cool thanks!

Guest d

Guest When is Sierra Canyon game

Guest Sierra Canyon game is at 7:40 tonight!

Guest Colin M-- who will livestream the Sierra Canyon game?

Guest Chino starting very slowly in this game. A few bad passes too.

Guest Should show the score or announce the score more.

Guest Never mind, Score at the top.

Guest Needed to pull screen down.


Chino Hills




Bishop O'Dowd

Chino Hills




Bishop O'Dowd