Full Replay: Woodcross vs Legacy

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  • Chat

Guest The live feed keeps stopping!

Guest Show us the game!!

Guest fix the woodscross game

Guest can anyone see it

Guest No

Guest NOPE! Frustrating

Guest is this the knells

Guest johmmy fix fix it dude

Guest is this working for anyone

Guest not here

Guest no action

Guest back button and search it worked for 5 seconds

Guest mine stopped again

Guest You are killing me Johnny G!! Please fix it during halftime.

Guest lol halftime. we saw 5 seconds. johnny get it together

Guest is Johnny for sure recording this?

Guest no but its fun blaming him

Guest hi dad

Guest no this is halle, dad would never be mean to random people

Guest cheering is fun.. do you think Johnny cheers when we press the cheer button

Guest cyber bully

Guest ;)

Guest it only works for me when tay isn't in

Guest k mom is telling him to fix it, all good

Guest is it johnny?

Guest this game is sorta boring anyway

Guest sweet. fyi i don't think this is just our family.

Guest at least we know the score

Guest what family

Guest i know, hey all you other peps watching woods cross beat up Legacy

Guest fyi they are aware and working on it

Guest maybe they have crap internet

Guest Baller.tv ain't balling

Guest all the other games are working on line. legacy pulled the plugged. Cats are embarrassing them

Guest halftime should be over.

Guest jphnny your back!

Guest c'mon johnny you can do it

Guest I heard he left

Guest 43-24 wx

Guest 55-29 wx