Bobe K. streaming at Oceanside, CA

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Team 2
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Robert Angarita test

Robert Angarita testing

Robert Angarita ready for timeout..

Sean Maisch I'm connected here Bo. It's Sean

Sean Maisch Go ahead and run the pause.

Sean Maisch Stay paused

Bobe Kunesh ok

Sean Maisch Let me investigate.

Robert Angarita circular arrow still above stream state message

Bobe Kunesh yep Sean's helping take a look

Sean Maisch Okay unpause.

Sean Maisch Hmm alright. I like having that icon there when it's resuming to show it's loading.

Sean Maisch But I don't like having it there when it's actually paused.

Sean Maisch I think I can disable it only on the pause screen.

Sean Maisch Pause one more time please.

Bobe Kunesh sure

Sean Maisch Gonna write the CSS right now. You can stop streaming for the moment.

Bobe Kunesh ok thanks Sean

Robert Angarita bo: you going to address the X

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Bobe Kunesh

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